DfM Courses

During this course you will learn to use the DfM approach.
The course shows how the three draft selection criteria are to be collated.
This requires knowledge of product and manufacturing processes. To make estimates regarding 1) the function, 2) the total time necessary for production on time and 3) (still to be made) cost up to a few years in production.
And that extended to multiple design alternatives of interest.
Our DfM approach focuses also on the D of DfM of which we mean that the focus is on underpinning design-decisions and of course knowledge of production processes is important. How knowledge of creative production processes are collected and deployed herein, is also part of the course (see further info under tab 'what is DfM’)

For who:

Those responsible for design decisions
Designers with experience in product design; especially mechanical


Definition of the DFM-method
Drafting product specification
DfM in Product Generation Process
Look at creative production processes from within DfM
Interactions between material, product and production process figure:
Integral cost calculation
An approach in DfM

Characteristics of the course:

3 days (preferably 1 day per week)
Group size 9 to 16 people
In the course cases are examined and then applied to their own situation at work.
Concluded with a feedback session and certification.
Course DSPE (Dutch Society for Precision Engineering) certified
Dutch and English
Data in consultation
Preferably, in a company/business

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